BANCHAN… M’s expertise in Koreatown restaurant dining and his frustrations with amateurs come to the fore as he lets loose on Twitter. Ha, ha. (Will do proper citation later, but just have to post these gems asap.)

“Nothing worse than eating KBBQ w/ idiots eating all the banchan before the meat comes & then wonder why they get dirty looks.”

“Banchan lovers act like they can only eat it at KBBQ… Go to a Korean market, get your fill & not ruin it for the real KBBQ eaters!”

“Do you go to an American steakhouse for the mashed potatoes? No… Stop rhapsodizing about banchan and enjoy the main dish.”

“Stop jumping up and down over BANCHAN. They are by definition SIDE DISHES. Focus your appetite on the MAIN DISH.”

“If we keep asking for banchan refills, pretty soon these Korean restaurants will resort to the unthinkable & start charging for side dishes.”

“Listen up, hungry barbarians. BANCHAN are NOT appetizers. They are SIDE DISHES eaten in moderation with the MAIN meal.”

“It’s actually poor form in Korea to empty a white dish of banchan.”

– – –

“Many Americans mistakenly think banchan are meant to be eaten before main meal b/c restos here bring those dishes out early.”

“You haven’t seen how quickly a ravenous American can scarf down food? Banchan here now, one second later, all gone! “Refill!!””

“The restaurant must be doing something wrong if it takes that long for the rice to come out after the banchan.”

“Please, hungry Americans… do not finish off the banchan before the rice arrives. Exercise restraint. Side dishes are to eat with the rice!”

– – –

Bap (rice) + Banchan (side dishes) = b^.^d

I’ll organize them chronologically/thematically and add my commentary later. The banchan issue has finally come to a head… somewhat. Ha-ha!

“Korean tapas” is as jarring to the ears as “Mexican dimsum.” Lol.

For now I will say this, I am COMPLETELY against referring to banchan as “Korean tapas” — this is from someone who knows about Spanish food. Like food in Spain. TOTALLY DIFFERENT CONCEPT. Laterz.