The name of the second restaurant of Chef Hooni Kim, owner of the first and only Michelin-starred Korean restaurant in the United States (Danji) appears to have been decided… It is Hanjan. And it will be at 36 W 26th Street in New York City, in the former space of Sirtaj.

How do we know this? The chef tweeted it!

He had been mulling the name “JinMi” and was asking his followers’ opinions over the weekend. Said he needed to decide by Thursday…

Thursday night Los Angeles time (he’s in New York so it was Friday morning there), he posted the simple tweet “Hanjan. 36W 26th St. 11/2012!”

“HanJan” means “one cup/glass” in Korean, as used in the sentences “Let’s have a cup to celebrate.” or “Let’s drink a glass more.”

술한잔 해요 (Sool-hanjan heyo.) = Let’s do a glass. Let’s have a drink.

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Address: 36 W 26th Street, New York, NY 10010
Scheduled opening: November 2012.

What to expect on the menu? 100% Korean flavors with a technique that’s very New York ;)

UPDATE: According the Chef’s latest tweet, Hanjan will be their attempt at authentic Korean “Street Food” (pojang-macha eum-shik) and “Market Food” (shi-jang eum-shik).