I bought this soboro bread from the Bosco Cake Salon counter inside HK Super about three weeks ago. Just now getting around to writing it up. It’s about as big as an adult’s hand.

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Soboro (소보로) is a common Western-style baked product in South Korea. There’s a Japanese soboro そぼろ but it refers to a dish that contains seasoned ground beef, pork or chicken.

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Turns out that Korean soboro is short for streusel bread (스트러셀 브레드). The crumbly-looking surface is supposed to call to mind German streusel, which is really crumbly. Have always heard Korean-American teens refer to it as the ugly-looking bread.

This one I bought was plain with no special filling inside. Price is somewhere about a dollar at Bosco; across the street at Paris Baguette it’s like a dollar twenty-five or fifty.

*You’ll also see it spelled in hangul as 소보루 빵 (soboru bbang).