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Sexy Korean dramas for your next girls’ night

Movies are great, but sometimes you and your besties are dying to stay in the drama world a little longer. That is when TV shows come in handy! If you grow tired of the typical shows you watch week after week on your regular broadcast or cable networks, why not check out some sexy Asian titles instead? The shows on this list are guaranteed to spice up your regular girls’ night with seduction, intrigue and the right amount of drama!

1. Love Affairs in the Afternoon

A young housewife’s eyes are opened to the dark world of extramarital affairs when an adulteress moves into the neighborhood. Her mundane life is turned upside down when she finds herself attracted to a hot teacher as well.

2. My Secret Romance

Do one night stands haunt you forever? A nutritionist faces the guy she had a steamy night with a few years ago, but she’s unaware that he actually fell in love with her. This is a modern-day twist on a Cinderella story, because this time it’s the handsome heir who pursues the lovely nutritionist to win her heart.

3. I Need Romance 3

Love can heal all wounds! A young successful DJ returns to his hometown to capture the heart of the childhood friend he always loved. Today, she is a heartbroken career woman in her 30s who needs the affection of a hot man. Their age gap only makes this series more sultry as the DJ does everything he can to earn her trust and love. Don’t forget to marathon the first two dramas in this sexy trilogy! I Need Romance and I Need Romance 2012 introduced drama fans into this ultimate fantasy world.

4. Temptation

Can a married man resist a gorgeous rich woman who is in love with him? This story is all about the art of seduction when a lovely rich lady offers to help a poor couple out of debt. The only price is alone time with the husband. Over time, the couple grows apart as the husband finds himself strongly attracted to the refined woman, while his wife is pursued by a rich suitor of her own.

5. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms aka Eternal Love

Deities Bai Qian and Ye Hua were lovers in more than one lifetime and sphere. Their romance is infinite! However, Ye Hua is charged with the difficult task of pursing Bai Qian in the god realm, because her memory of their passionate relationship in the mortal realm was wiped from her memory.

6. Evergreen

We just started this fantasy romance, but it already seems like the two stars are head over heels for each other! The first kiss already happened and now we are waiting on the engineer and police officer to declare their love. With a plethora of magical love potions, it shouldn’t be too long before this becomes one of the sexiest K-dramas on your list!